ZOB Glass

instrūmentum percōlātus

ZOB Glass has been making tubes in Southern California for over 10 years now. ZOB Glass is a wholesale company that makes products for adults over the age over 18. All products here are for tobacco use only and intended for adults only.

About ZOB

We use Schott Boro Artistic & Simax for our clear and love that we can use Northstar, Glass Alchemy and other domestic based color rods.   In 2009, Chip became head of design and sales.  He keeps new perc techniques coming while handling customer accounts.

Everything here at ZOB is proudly made by hand.  We support local businesses but if your local shop does not carry ZOB, you can ask them to visit this site or you can visit aqualabtechnologies.com or zobglasspipes.com.  Please be sure to follow us on TwitterFacebook & Instagram.  Thank you for your support.

Futuristic Percolation

Scientific Fabrication

Of course we offer our OG Straights and Beaker tubes, 4 & 8 arm tree percs, but we also feature a huge list of scientific based percs such as Inlines, UFOs, Zobellos and Vertical Zobellos, multi-chamber items and freezable glycerin tubes.  We have removable and fixed downstem style tubes and most of our percs are available in our small princess and micro sizes too.  Our product line is here to browse for the public and prices are available to logged in wholesalers.  Check it out and let us know if you need anything.

Customs by KJ

Our in house artist KJ, spends all his time pumping out custom color work for our higher end pieces.  These guys never last long in our warehouse.  KJ is always learning new techniques and elevating his skill level.  We have a portfolio dedicated to our custom work on this site.  Check it out here.